Media praise for Essential ActionScript 2.0

"It is a great book to learn everything you need to know about ActionScript 2.0. The book is great for both novice users who are wanting to learn ActionScript 2.0 as well as seasoned ActionScript users who want to make sure they are up to speed with the new version of ActionScript."
-- Elaine Montoya, New Mexico Macromedia User Group (NMMUG)

"Essential ActionScript 2.0 not only covers basic object-oriented theory, and how it applies to ActionScript, but provides guidance on how to best construct, organize, and maintain your Flash applications. It’s here that EA 2 shines by providing a bounty of real-world, experienced knowledge so developers can quickly get up to speed with everything that is new, and more importantly learn the proper way to start....As a developer’s experience grows, and their projects become more complex, the greater the need for a strict, logical programming structure to work within. And when that need arises, EA 2 is the best ActionScript resource for intermediate and advanced developers on shelves today."
--Todd Dominey,, September 2004

"If you are looking to get into ActionScript 2.0 then I would most definitely recommend this book.", September 2004