Media praise for PDF Hacks

"This title takes the reader beyond simple 'export/print to PDF' facilities...[the] hacks explain how to use particular tools and where to find them."
-- Major Keary, PC Update

"PDF Hacks is very highly recommended and will be put on my shelf reserved for books I want to be able to access quickly."
--Harold McFarland, "Midwest Book Review," February 2005

"Who knew that so much could be done with PDF files beyond simply reading and printing? This book certainly opened my eyes to some new possibilities and proved to be a very handy resource...If you are in a situation where you use, manage, or publish a large number of PDFs, then this book is for you."
--Deborah Lynne Wiley, Online, March-April 2005

"...anyone who works with PDF needs this book."
--Jerry Pournelle, Dr. Dobb's Journal, March 2005

"[PDF] is the printer's program of choice, offing a flexibility and uniformity of translation unavailable elsewhere--and PDF Hacks shows just how to take advantage of this flexibility."
--Bookwatch, February 2005

"Even if you are someone, like me, that thinks Acrobat PDFs have a clearly defined but limited role, you will still find lots of tips in this book. If you are looking to maximize your investment in Adobe Acrobat, you'll find even more."
--Bruce Kratofil,, November 2004