Media praise for Building the Perfect PC

"If you contemplate building a PC...this is the book. If you contemplate building a PC but aren't sure you ought to, this book will tell you what you need to know for a sane decision, as well as walk you through actually building the machine."
--Jerry Pournelle, "Dr. Dobb's Journal," April 2005

"Excellent photo illustrations and clear, concise instructions really make this book. The writing style is very conversational, with the occasional joke thrown in...If you've been thinking about building your own PC, but have been intimidated by all the options, Building the Perfect PC should be at the top of your parts list. You'll find that building one isn't as hard as it seems, and can be extremely rewarding. Highly recommended."
--Craig Bull,, February 2005

"Everything but the hardware is included in this guide...the focus on customization for different purposes sets Building the Perfect PC apart from competitors."
--Diane Donovan, "Midwest Book Review," February 2005

"If you have been entertaining the idea of building your own PC, help is but a book away...I highly recommend this book; it is a valuable resource to all those who want to put together their own computer."
--Gilbert Rodriguez, "PC Alamode" (Alamo PC Organization), January 2005