Media praise for Digital Photography Hacks

"This book is for the photographer you are now, and the one you want to be. Digital Photography Hacks is for the creative adventurer who resides in each of us."
-- Michael Roman, Boston West Photographic Society

"If you want to improve your photography, either as a professional or just as an amateur who wants to just take better pictures, this book is for you."
-- Chuck Kinsley, P*PCompAS

"This is a great pickup for any digital photographer. Even well versed photographers are certain to take something from it. If you love photography and you love tinkering and experimenting in order to improve your results--this is the perfect book for you. You will have a lot of fun with it."
--Patrick O'Keefe,, July 2005

"Story makes learning fun and effortless so add a copy of this interesting guide to your collection today."
--Shutterbug, February 2005

"Best in Digital Photography: Noted digital photography expert Derrick Story brings you the very best Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools -- and takes you way beyond the standard fare of most digital photography books. If you have a digital camera: RUN, don't walk to get this one!"
--Fred Showker,, January 2005

"There is the creative and artistic side of digital photography as well as the technical side of getting the best pictures printed and presented after you have them. Derrick Story's book Digital Photography Hacks goes a long way toward helping photographers with both."
--Len Wagg, "Sunday Herald" (Halifax, Canada), December 2004

"Anybody who is serious about digital photography should check out this 390-page book by Derrick Story...Individually, several of these tricks are worth the price of the book..."
--Steve Segal, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, December 2004

"This was the most fun I have had with a book in a long time. Full of great ideas written in a light, humorous style, there isn't something even a seasoned photographer won't find new and useful...The book ends with a grab bag of photo goodies, that will get your creative juices running, especially on those days when those juices aren't flowing so great. Gloomy, winter days will never be the same. I rate it: A+"
--Paul W. Faust, Apogee Photo Magazine, September 2004

"We like that Story shells out advice for both fixed-lens digital cameras, including simpler compact models and DSLRs. He also addresses both PC and Mac users. And, we love his writing style--friendly, informative, easy to read and even easier to understand, despite the sometimes technical nature of his tips. He doesn't dumb it down; he just makes learning painless."
--Theano Nikitas, Digital Photographer Magazine, Nov. '04-Jan. '04 issue

"'Digital Photography Hacks' is a great idea that has been very well realised - it's clearly and enthusiastically written and contains a wide range of ideas that you really will want to try for yourself. A must for every aspiring digital photographer."
--Mark Goldstein,, August 2004

"This is a book for the amateur digital camera user who wants to create a professional looking result...'Digital Photography Hacks' is highly recommended for the amateur digital photographer and anyone else interested in creating photographs instead of taking pictures."
--Harold McFarland, Midwest Book Review, August 2004

"First of all I do not claim to be an expert in any field, especially Digital Photography. But this book grabbed my attention from the time I opened it and read the table of contents. It has only eight chapters but each chapter contains as much information as most people would need to make them much better photographers."
--Leta DuGoff, Space Coast PC Users Group, August 2005

"For my money, chapter 6--'Photoshop Magic'--is worth the price of the book by itself. It's not that these tips aren't covered by the Photoshop manual, it's just that they are explained so much more clearly here that you are likely to actually use these facilities. Top marks for that one, Derrick!...Can you borrow [my copy]? Don't be silly, I'm using it right now!"
--George Carrington, ACT Apple Users Group (Australia), July 2004

"The book is a browser's delight, a refreshing guide that stands out in the crowd of titles aimed at shutterbugs. Just dip in anywhere and you're sure to find a nugget...Lots of fireworks inside. Guaranteed to jumpstart your juices."
--Ding Bat Magazine, June 2004

"Who will benefit from the book? Those who want to learn the things the pros do without spending time experimenting. Those who aren't afraid to experiment or try new techniques. Those who want to make a camera do things without buying expensive equipment like professionals use. Traditional photographers making the move to digital will benefit.", June 2004

"I just scored O'Reilly's new 'Digital Photography Hacks,' written by the inestimable Derrick Story, a geek's geek and a photographer's photographer, whose work I've admired for years. Derrick's new book follows the form of all the O'Reilly Hacks books: 100 easy-to-digest tips and tricks for digital cams, aimed squarely at people like me, geeks who get computers but cameras not so much.", May 2004

"This book is for the photographer you are now, and the one you want to be. Digital Photography Hacks is for the creative adventurer who resides in each of us."
--Michael Roman, Boston West Photographic Society