Media praise for Better, Faster, Lighter Java

"Overall this is a great book. It is brief and to the point (not bloated). As with other books by the same author Bruce Tate (Bitter Java, Bitter EJB) I enjoyed reading it and I would recommend this book to experienced Java developers."
--Arup Dutta, Silicon Valley BEA User Group, May 2005

"I loved the premise of this book, because I, too, believe that Java--and programming in general--is getting out of control. Languages, frameworks, and products are adding so many features that it is now literally impossible to have a handle on the language--or even the subset--that you are using. Gone are the days where you can sit and try to figure something out; now programming seems to have boiled down to finding code you can cut and paste (Can you really figure out how to implement, say, an SSL client on your own?), then wrestling with the overwhelming complexity of the APIs, configuration, deployment, framework(s), your IDE, you-name-it."
--Larry Hannay, review, May 2005

"Bravo for a very timely book...Better, Faster, Lighter Java sounds the clarion call for better code writing, project management, and maintenance... Better, Faster, Lighter Java is a highly recommended book for Java programmers."
--Harold McFarland, Midwest Book Review, October 2004

"I think this is a must read for everyone."
--Mark Spritzler,, August 2004

"Bruce Tate and Justin Gehtland have made a tremendous effort of popularizing some fundamental principles that, when applied consistently, can considerably ease your life."
--Valentin Crettaz,, August 2004