Media praise for Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook

"This is a great introduction to using Hibernate. It gives an excellent overview of different aspects of O/R mapping using Hibernate. Setting up and following along with the examples was very easy and very informative. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning Hibernate."
-- Dave Fecak, Philadelphia Area Java Users' Group

"...this is the first 'Developer's Notebook' I have read from O'Reilly and I found it to be an excellent walk-through on Hibernate. This book is actually a text that you can read cover to cover comfortably while in front of the computer going through and developing their toy application. This style of book makes it really easy for anyone to pick up Hibernate over a few days, which is really nice as opposed to having to dig around the Web and IRC looking for advice on how stuff works. It even covers how to use ant, a tool similar to make, minus all the problems of make for Java, to get started on your hibernate applications...this book is an excellent read for anyone that want to get a quick handle on Hibernate in a few days."
--Chris Jordan, Dalhousie Student Chapter ACM, July 2005

"This book is all you need to know about modeling objects to relational databases. I bought this book prior to knowing Hibernate (I knew of course JDBC, but never developed on top of Object relationship project), and I built my current site using Hibernate with almost no need to get help on outside resources. I would not hesitate to buy this book even if you are not going to use Hibernate immediately, since it is a great book for software developers in general."
--D. Orbach, Review, June 2005

"This book will walk you through exactly what you need and what you need to know to start using Hibernate.  Furthermore, the tone and style of the book makes it very easy to follow along.  One thing I appreciated in this book is that there is a single application sample used throughout the book, so you don't have a disconnected set of code snippets that don't make sense outside of the context of the chapter... If you're doing any coding to bridge relational and object oriented data, Hibernate will be an important technology for you.  And to get off the ground with it, you won't do much better than the Hibernate specs and the Hibernate Developer's Notebook."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings, August 2004

"Hibernate seems to have a good, clear, design, and James' book follows suit. He starts with a good introduction to set up your ant and database environment. He then moves on to a clear explanation of how you would create a mapping file and use the various features of Hibernate. "
--Bill Wohler, Review, May 2005

"Overall this is a solid introduction to a complex framework and it prepares the reader for a more complete reference book. Mr. Elliott is to be praised for his contribution."
--Levy Lazarre, Review, April 2005