Media praise for C in a Nutshell

"Why would you need C in a Nutshell if you already have The C Programming Language? The answer is simple — buy this book for Chapter 17, Standard Library Functions. This chapter — nearly one-third of the book's length — provides an alphabetical listing of all the standard functions including the newest C99 additions...Nearly all O'Reilly books picture an animal on the front cover; a cow graces the cover of this book. As there is no bull on the cover, there is 'no bull' within. I really like this book. If you are looking for a general reference covering the standard 'C' library and C99, then this text is your new best friend."
-- Ed Schaefer,

"...a desk reference manual which offers quick reference answers to common C issues and functions, from compiler options to contents of standard headers, finding or removing data from the tree, and much more."
-- Diane Donovan, Library Bookwatch

"C in a Nutshell caught my interest in a way that no other C reference I have read ever managed to achieve. A large part of its refreshing approach comes simply from the fact that this is a new book, not a revised edition of an existing work. This means that features of the language new with C99 are treated alongside the longer-standing features, rather than being relegated to sidebars or footnotes...As a teacher of C programming, I had been looking for a reference work which covered the C99 version of the language standard, and did so in a readable format free of omissions and errors. C in a Nutshell did not disappoint, and the utility of the standard library reference was a welcome surprise. "
-- Graham Lee, UKUUG (the UK's Unix & Open Systems User Group)

"I learned C the way I was taught to learn languages in college: with a grammar, some examples, and a complier to practice with (BDS C). That left lots of holes in my knowledge of C, holes that C in a Nutshell performs well to fill in...Altogether this book is a great desktop reference for anyone who needs to understand C. Somehow I have managed to read and write C programs without this book, but I will certainly appreciate having it handy in the future-it is now within easy reach of my favorite chair."
-- Rik Farrow, ;LOGIN:

"C in a Nutshell is nearly a requirement for any serious C programmer. With a large portion of modern education being focused on objected oriented programming it can be difficult to strip away all the trimmings and get down to the nitty-gritty. This book is essentially the important details of C shoved into 600 pages. It includes a very decent introduction to C, but its real virtue is as a reference book."
-- Andrew LeCain, Computer Science House

"C in a Nutshell is a well appointed package of everything you need to work with C. The authors do a commendable job covering the language, the standard library, and essential tools such as make and GDB."
--Kyle Loudon, Senior Engineer, Yahoo!

"C in a Nutshell's well chosen example code often brings clarity faster than a wordy description. This book won't gather dust on your shelf. You'll be reaching for this one often."
--Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, President and CEO, Klaralvdalens Datakonsult AB

"In 25 years of writing in C, I've never seen a clearer, more complete exposition than this one. Everything is covered in the precise and logical way that programmers like to see."
--Matt Crawford, Group Leader, Wide Area Systems, Fermilab

"This combination review and reference is a must-have. For those weaned on K&R or ANSI C, this guide brings you up-to-date on the many enhancements added in the 1999 standard."
--Dave Kitabjian, Director of Software Development, NetCarrier, Inc.

"If you are looking for a general reference covering the standard 'C' library and C99, then this text is your new best friend."
--Ed Schaefer,