Media praise for XML Hacks

"Even though the book is a valuable resource intended for users who know their way around XML technologies, it also provides a fascinating insight for those who would like to know more about XML and its capabilities."
-- Major Keary, PC Update

"XML Hacks is a gold mine for 'techies' who want to explore, experiment, and push the XML envelope. But if you are not particularly technical, don’t let that put you off. Because the book is divided into 100 discrete hacks, most of which only take a page or two to explain, it is an excellent source of quick solutions to practical real-world problems such as converting plain text to XML, or HTML to XHTML. Taken as a whole, the book also provides a good overview of the many things that can be done with XML."
--Peter Lufkin, EBSTC (East Bay Society for Technical Communication), April 2005

"From creating and editing XML documents to converting text files to XML and subscribing to Atom feeds, XML programmers will find this excellent."
--Bookwatch, February 2005

"If you want to know more about the innards of's XML format and how to make use of it for getting into MS files, extracting data, and converting data, the best resource is Michael Fitzgerald's XML Hacks."
--Major Keary, PC Update, December 2004

"The book exhibits an infectious enthusiasm for the power and flexibility of XML, yet manages to maintain a concise, easy-to-read, matter-of-fact style that makes XML seem very, very approachable. Best of all, the book is entirely devoted to accomplishment of tasks of great utility. I can't remember when (if ever) I last saw a handier, more practical book. Everything about it seems well-conceived and purposeful."
--Bill Coan,, October 2004