Media praise for Gaming Hacks

"A huge amount of information is featured in Gaming Hacks and although it may appear to cater for the most hardcore of gamers at first glance, it's actually got something for even the more casual gamers who simply want to have a bit of fun, whilst managing to do something with their games and hardware which without this book they'd probably never have known was even possible, yet alone so easy."
--Simon Martin, Games Paper, January 2005

"...experienced games will appreciate the enthusiastic thoroughness with which Carless has compiled this comprehensive compendium."
--Will Knight, New Scientist, February 2005

"...I can't remember when I've had more engrossing fun with a technical book...Carless writes like a great, fetishistic geek, like the Car Talk guys or the folks on The Screensavers, like someone who's really, really enthusiastic about his subject matter and wants to wise you up to all the truly awesome wonders awaiting you. Combine that with a stupendous introduction by sf-writer-turned-game-writer Marc Laidlaw, who wrote the Half-Life series for Valve, and a slew of highly knowledgeable co-authors who contributed various tips, and you've got the perfect mix of informative, enjoyable and fascinating. This book is staying on my shelf."
--Cory Doctorow,, December 2004

"If you want your gaming experience to be more than just playing games, Gaming Hacks is an essential book to have in your collection. With the resources it provides, you'll be playing imports and creating your own mini-projects in no time...This book comes highly recommended, go pick it up."
--Chris Dahlberg, Cosmos Gaming, December 2004

"Unless you spend far too much time researching things like this, Gaming Hacks is bound to teach you something. The variety is far beyond what normal books in this area offer...O'Reilly has a winner on their hands..."
--Matt Paprocki,, December 2004

"Buy the book and you'll learn a lot. If you're interested in fiddling with hardware in consoles or PC's, then it's for you. If you're interested in fiddling with software in consoles or PC's, then it's for you. If you want to know about classic games, it's for you. Yes, this book is for just about everyone interested in learning that extra bit about the goings-on inside of the consoles or even just those who want to delve back into the past."
--Game Freaks, December 2004

"...this should be a must-have for any gamer.", December 2004

"Author Simon Carless has done an excellent job in gathering an incredibly diverse group of hacks under one roof. His writing style is clean, concise, and friendly, and it makes for an enjoyable read. The Foreword by Marc Laidlaw (the writer behind the stories of Half-Life and Half-Life 2) is enjoyable as well...In the end, Gaming Hacks serves not only as a cookbook guide to game hacking but as an inspirational source of ideas, a snapshot of the gaming community at their most creative and clever. If you've ever dreamed of making something better or thought, "it's really great, but I wish it did..." this is your book."
--Kevin Steele, RetroBlast, December 2004