Media praise for SELinux

"...this book is recommended reading for anyone considering implementing SELinux. The conceptual overview is some of the best I've seen since SELinux got its start. Using charts, diagrams and examples, McCarty presents an excellent overview of the nuts and bolts of SELinux."
--Jeffrey Huckaby,, April 2005

"SELinux is highly recommended as both a Linux security solution and an excellent book on how to utilize all the resources of SELinix."
--Harold McFarland, "Midwest Book Review," March 2005

"The intended audience for this title is someone who is 'responsible for the management of one or more sensitive hosts'; for those in that category this is an essential resource. It should also satisfy the needs of anyone wants to develop an in-depth understanding of SELinux."
--Major Keary, LUV (Linux Users of Victoria), February 2005

"...because of the lack of quality SELinux documentation, a book like this fills an important manages to cover everything you need to know when considering SELinux, and also works as an overview of a technology that will become increasingly important."
--Graham Morrison, Linux Format, February 2005

"McCarthy has succeeded in shedding some much-needed light into a dark and difficult corner of Linux systems administration."
--Linux Weekly News, November 2004