Media praise for Smart Home Hacks

"Smart Home Hacks leaves no stone unturned. From what to purchase to how to use your remote control, it's the ultimate guide to understanding and implementing complete or partial home automation."
-- Shield & Diamond, a journal of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity

"Gordon Meyer [is] capable of holding your attention while writing about technological projects--no mean feat--and explaining them in plain language.", January 2005

"Strengths: An excellent book on 'George Jetsoning' a home. Cross platform.
Weaknesses: None Found.
Now we all can become like the electrical engineer that took care of George Jetson's home. This book puts play back into tech."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, January 2005 (3:1)

"Meyer says he's aiming for the shade-tree mechanic of the home automation world. Why should Bill Gates have all the fun? Meyer figures the fiscally challenged have been shortchanged for too long on the promise of a whiz-bang future."
--Mike Cassidy, San Jose Mercury News, December 2004

"This is a first-rate resource for the gadget freak--consider it as a holiday gift, perhaps along with the software and hardware it recommends."
--Netsurfer Digest, November 2004