Media praise for Mac Annoyances

"I give Rizzo credit for telling it like it is, even if our Mac ears are not accustomed to hearing the words "annoyacne" and "Mac" in the same sentence...I'd recommend this book to beginners who want more control of their Macs and software. Veterans will be able to pick and choose exactly what they need from a precise table of contents, or will learn a few more tricks to improve their Mac experience with some casual reading."
-- Steve Welch, Mouse Tracks

"I'm happy to say that Mac Annoyances was able to clear up a knotty email attachment problem that I've been having for about a zillion years. As I put the book down to write the review, my most cogent comment was 'Damn, I wish I'd written this!' Good show, Mr. Rizzo. Good show."
--Mary Tyler,, March 2005

"Author John Rizzo really does have the answers even for questions you may never have thought to ask."
--Laura Lea Evans, MacTracks, Sierra Nevada Apple Group (SNAG), June 2005

"Mac Annoyances is a fine collections of hints and tips to get around the rough edges of OS X...When I first cracked open Mac Annoyances, I thought it would be not much more than a collection of shopworn hints that only newbies would appreciate. I was quite wrong...there are plenty of tasty tidbits to enjoy."
--David Weeks,, January 2005

"It's funny, snide, sarcastic, witty."
--Steve Bass, PC World columnist and author of PC Annoyances

"This is an excellent book for people just getting a new Mac or making an upgrade after many years to OS X..."
--Jim Carruthers,, January 2005