Media praise for Excel Annoyances

"This book is made for those who have had one or more vexing problems with Excel. If that’s you, the answer can probably be found here and lots more besides... Most users never tap the full potential of Excel, and I’m no exception. I feel I am an expert, but I certainly learned a lot by reading this book and you will too, if you use Excel at all."
--George W. Harding, The Journal of The Tucson Computer Society, June 2005

"This is an outstanding book to learn time-saving shortcuts and speed your work. Many obscure procedures which are available in Excel are thoroughly explained. Get this book to increase your productivity."
--Ed Laskowski, The Vista PC Journal (Sierra Vista PC Users Group), March 2005

"I freely admit a secret foible: I love Excel. Curtis Frye (author of an Excel Pocket Guide I have found essential) has produced another gem for the Excel user: Excel Annoyances: How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Your Favorite Spreadsheet. Frye claims that the "the river of Excel annoyances runs deep and treacherous," and after years of battling its currents, I agree. This book has what you need to stay on course.", January 2005