Media praise for PC Hacks

"Each tip is written in a concise format which provides plenty of information without being long winded, making the book easy to browse and use. If the last chapter, covering configuring a new computer (anti-virus, malware and firewalls) was first, I'd recommend this book to be distributed with any new computer. Regardless, this is a great book that anyone will get value from."
-- David O'Meara, JavaRanch

"PC Hacks is set up very efficiently with every hack numbered and similar hacks grouped together by categories called chapters such as "Basic System Board Hacks" with ten hacks. Another category with 18 hacks is "Disk Hacks." With its 285 pages, it has an excellent table of contents with ten chapters as well as a great index so it’s easy to find all kinds of things useful for the reader. At the beginning of each chapter is an excellent description of the things the following hacks will accomplish. The type font and layout are very easy to read. Many of us tear out useful tips from our computer magazines but filing and finding them later is a problem. Here, this book has all kinds of similar ideas all in one place."
-- Dr. John Hanson, Orange Bytes (North Orange County Computer Club)

"I would suggest this book for anyone whose job is keeping PCs running and/or making them run better. It is not for the non-techie but it will, definitely have a respected spot on my bookshelf."
--John Schuster, The Bridge, Memphis PC User Group, May 2005