Media praise for Maven: A Developer's Notebook

"What I really enjoyed in reading this book, is the writing style and the format of the book. It is precise, yet insightful. The authors openly discuss things that should and should not be done to use the benefits of Maven. Multiple cases elaborate how to perform and extend goals with Maven. If you are looking for a practical guide to get upto speed or excel in Maven projects, this is a must read."
--Yugan "Yogi" Sikri, The Yogi, October 2005

"Maven: A Developer's Notebook is a recently published book by Vincent Massol and Timothy O'Brien in O'Reilly's Developer Notebook series. It fills a void in the market for a quality book on Maven. I had a chance to spend some time with Vincent while in Paris earlier in the summer; we talked about the book, his company: Pivolis, the French language and every manner of other topics. I've just now taken the time read through the book and should have done so earlier. It's excellent. Vincent's passion and focus comes across loud and clear."
--Ryan Cox, AsciiArmor, July 2005

"But now that I've read Maven: A Developer's Notebook I feel even more confident: last week I migrated the remaining (somehow cryptic) ant build files (of the big SOA project I'm currently involved in) to Maven! It's a relief! One of the great aspects of this book lies in the fact that it's more like series of lab notes, full of well phrased straightforward and instantly usable information. What I also really appreciated are the projects that Vincent and Tim invented to expose maven's neat features… After reading Vincent's and Tim's lab notes, not only will you have realized why Maven is good for you, but you'll also be ready to use it and promote it!"
--Francois Le Droff, François Le Droff's Weblog, September 2005

"Maven - A Developer's Notebook is good for covering the surface of how to do a build in Maven. There is great explanation on the installation of Maven and building Java projects. Coverage of reporting and writing plugins was also good…In developer's notebook style, the book reads quickly and goes through a series of labs. The authors are good about explaining what things mean and going through the build output. The list of Maven plugins is very useful in finding out what exists. The book is well thought out, clear and excellent for what it covers."
--Jeanne Boyarsky,, August 2005

"Unlike the other books in the Developer's Notebook series this book seems to be properly paced to introduce the whole topic without being overwhelming. The writing is solid and the coverage is thorough. Graphics are also used effectively to illustrate what's often a very complex logic flow in Maven. Definitely a book worth reading for programmers using Maven."
--Jack Herrington, review, July 2005