Media praise for Linux in a Windows World

"I doubt that any Windows network administrator with a working knowledge of Linux would need to resort to other resources in order to deploy Linux sucessfully. This is a remarkably comprehensive coverage of the subject that should be in libraries - public and coperate - that have holdings on network administration."
-- Major Keary, PC Update

"This is an excellent summary of many of the services that are needed by both Windows and Linux, and how to run and configure them under Linux so that they can be shared by both OSes."
--Rob Judd, review, July 2005

"...if you are a system administrator and you are looking for a Windows to Linux server migration title then this book will prove invaluable. There are gaps, and the book requires you to have a reasonable amount of Linux knowledge before you start, but the information provided is excellent and will certainly solve the problems faced by many people moving from the Windows to a Linux platform."
--Martin Brown, Writer's Perspective, July 2005

"Linux in a Windows World is a great book for a Windows systems administrator who also has a good understanding of Linux. Each of the major areas of the book gives a great overview of the major points to be covered, and acts as a great refresher for an experienced administrator. Even if the administrator has little or no experience with Linux, the book is detailed enough to give the reader enough information to get started. "
--Brian Boudreau, MELUG-Central (MainE Linux Users Group), July 2005

"The thing that I like most about this book is that the author picks a target audience and purposes, and then successfully fights the temptation to try and tell too much... If I were a Windows admin who wanted to figure out how to blend in Linux for certain task, this would be one of two books that I'd want.  This one would show me what I could do, and the other book would have the in-depth details of how to do it.  If you fit the target of this book, you'll do well to check this book out."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings, April 2005

"System administrators coming from a Windows world would find this very useful. The author has done a good job bridging the Windows-to-Linux gap and has covered a lot of material that will be relevant on a day-to-day basis."
--Nick Bulitka, Review, June 2005

"The back cover description of Linux in a Windows World promises that the book will tell you 'how to integrate Linux into a Windows-dominated network,' and I have to say that the book does an excellent job of covering the basics on doing just that...The book is ideal for Windows admins who have little Linux experience and are planning to deploy Linux within their organization. It's also a great book for Linux admins who are unfamiliar with technologies like LDAP, Samba, and Kerberos. It's not a substitute for a good book on Bind, Sendmail, or Postfix, but it's a good starter guide for those projects... Linux in a Windows World is well-written, clear to the beginner without being too general, and well worth the money for admins who need to get Linux and Windows to cooperate."
--Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier,, May 2005

"I doubt that any Windows network administrator with a working knowledge of Linux would need to resort to other resources in order to deploy Linux sucessfully."
--Major Keary, PC Update