Media praise for Running Linux

"The authors have anticipated problem areas and provide clear discussions and instructions which will help you solve problems and gain a mastery of the operating system...Whether you’re using Linux on a home workstation or maintaining a network server, Running Linux will provide expert advice just when you need it...It is widely recognized in the Linux community as the ultimate get-started and problem-solving book."
-- Ed Laskowski, Sierra Vista IBM PC User Group

"If you have a passing interesting Linux or if you're a seasoned veteran, you like Running Linux Fifth Edition. It's not only a good book to read, it's an excellent reference. Linux will continue to grow at exponential rates. If you work for a company that wants you to have Linux experience, I suggest you pick Running Linux as your guide."
-- Tom Adelstein,

"Overall, it's a good introduction that doesn't go into any topic into too much detail, but it does provide a great overview of everything that Linux and provides. I enjoyed the wide array of topics found in this book, a few items I'll be sure to look into in more details. Even vi, emacs and even LaTeX made an appearance."
-- Samir Faci, University of Illinois at Chicago Linux Users Group

"Authors Matthias Kalle Dalheimer and Matt Welsh have done an outstanding job of writing this 5th edition of a practical guide that provides you with an overview to Linux as a desktop and a back-office system...In this most excellent book, the authors show you how you can completely change the way you work with computers by exploring a powerful and free operating system. More importantly, this book gives you some of the behind-the-scenes views, so you have an understanding of the workings of a system, even if it's not strictly necessary for casual Linux use. "
-- John Vacca,

"Running Linux, 5th Edition is no light user's guide; it's been completely revised and revamped...Problems, solutions, and server and desktop environments alike are handled in chapters which lend to quick reference as well as browsing."
-- Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"If you use Linux, this is a book worth having for's worth the investment for an operating system you can download at no cost. One of the failures of Linux has been that when the computer is crashed or your installation has a severe form of the hiccoughs or measles, you can't get online to check documentation (unless you have another computer!)...My one complaint is that it doesn't come equipped with Lojack. I've had three people stop by and eye it suspiciously... So I may have to hide it. And when it comes to a book related to technology, that's something I look for. Get your own. "
-- Taran Rampersad,

"Freshly updated for the new or beginning user, Running Linux, Fifth Edition is one of the best introductions to Linux for the person who really wants to learn the operating system but needs a book that starts from the very beginning."
-- Harold McFarland, Harold's Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review

"You should buy this book because it contains a wealth of information spread out over a large amount of topics. It is a handy reference for more experienced administrators who handle multiple server technologies, and a great getting started book for newer users. It also includes a lot of command-line examples."
-- Jeremy Turner, Free Software Magazine

"Running Linux is in its 5th edition, and is widely regarded as the Linux book. Before now, I was intimidated by its sheer size; it weighs in at 906 pages before the Appendix and index. But inside is everything I didn't know about Linux…this book is an outstanding resource for anyone who is thinking about Linux, and for anyone who has already decided to take the leap."
--Warren Kelly,, March 2006

"...widely recognized in the Linux community as the ultimate get-started and problem-solving book."
--Ed Laskowski, Sierra Vista IBM PC User Group