Media praise for Ambient Findability

"Search engine marketing is the hottest thing in Internet business, and deservedly so. Ambient Findability puts SEM into a broader context and provides deeper insights into human behavior. This book will help you grow your online business in a world where being found is not at all certain."
-- Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D.

"Filled with engaging descriptions of how new technology is making everything,--including physical objects and people, as well as content--more findable, and lavished with dozens of color illustrations (O'Reilly's first color book in some time), Ambient Findability is a must read to learn how our world is changing and how we must ourselves change along with it."
-- Bob Doyle, EContent

"...if you know somebody intelligent who doesn’t understand why the Web really, really matters, this book should get the point across."
-- Elizabeth Zwicky, ;login:

"Morville provides us with a very well-written, even eloquent, book, drawing much needed attention to a key dimension of competition going forward. Business executives of all types will profit from reading this provocative book. At the very least, it will put squarely on the table some key questions:
* How findable are your products and services?
* How findable is your business?
* How findable are you personally?
* What can you do to improve your findability for those who matter?"
-- John Hagel, Edge Perspectives

"This is a text for people with a sense of curiosity, especially those who want to be intelligently informed on the subject of information retrieval and making information more readily found--especially on the web. It is both philosophical and technical, ranging over many topics, inclusing: information literacy; information interaction; human wayfinding; location-sensing devices; maps and charts; artificial intelligence; push and pull; search engine marketing, and defining the terms 'information,' 'data,' and 'knowledge.'"
-- Major Keary, Book News

"Ambient Findability offers what an information architect might describe as a positive user experience. Morville is a gifted popularizer and highly quotable prose stylist. As the book's intriguing title illustrates, he is a master at creating catch phrases and sound bites...these stylistic habits help keep the pace quick, the tone light, and the content accessible even as Morville explains technical topics, such as search engine optimization, that most readers would ordinarily find off-putting."
-- Rick Eden, The Key Reporter

"Morville doesn't reach definite conclusions; his main message is to think critically about new technologies and our interactions with information, and to always bear findability in mind: "together with form and function, findability is a required element of good design and engineering" (p. 114). However, Ambient Findability is a useful and thought-provoking book for librarians, information architects, web designers, and anyone who uses and cares about information and how to find it."
-- Phoebe Ayers, Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship

"From start to finish, this book is easy to read, at times even deceptively so. Thanks to the author’s efforts, the book is casual yet so thoughtful at the same time. It is apparent that Morville completed a lot of up-front work to establish a strong structure. Because he is an accomplished writer, the structure never dominates, but it’s always there below the surface. The chapters move in a logical sequence and with good rhythm from Morville’s opening statements, through a host of data, theory, and discussion, to a compelling (but somewhat open-ended) finish. Through it all, it is clear that Morville respects his reader. This book is a conversation with a colleague, not a lecture from an ivory tower. I highly recommend not just reading this book, but taking some time to reflect on it. If Morville can help us to look before we leap into this brave new convergent world, he has made an important contribution indeed."
-- Gerard Torenvliet, CMC Electronics

"The reader will find Ambient Findability loose in its definitions but rich in ideas about creating online visibility: how to stand and be found."
-- Thad McIlroy, GEIST, #86, Fall 2012

"Read Ambient Findability if: you are interested in expanding your business or nonprofit through its presence on the Internet; you are a librarian and want to grow into the nontraditional environment of the Web; you are a Web designer and want to optimize the findability of your sites on the Internet; you are a user and want to enhance your searching experience. Read this book if you are a teacher, a student, a writer, a short, if you use a computer or a handheld or a GPS or a smartphone or any type of technology that connects you to the world, then you should read this book. Peter Morville's Ambient Findability will amaze and delight you. It will give you new insight into how ubiquitous computing is affecting how we find and use information and how we, as users, can and will shape the future of how data is stored and retrieved. "
-- Mary Norbury-Glaser,, January 2006

"I read an amazing book recently that's a f***ing manifesto for my philosophies on information on the web and through other connected technologies. The book is Ambient Findability, and it's a short read, but dense with inspiration. It talks about everything from defining a document (animal in wild != document, animal in zoo = document, but what about animal in wild with RFID tag?) to person-tracking to folksonomy to the long tail to ambient information to wearable computing."
--StephtheGeek, March 2006

"This is an interesting book and not one that fits into any tidy category: yes, it is about searching, and about the relationship between technology and people, and about classification, and hypertext, and social information behaviour, and lots of other things. Whatever your interests in the information world, I think you'll find something to intrique you and, perhaps, the occasional item to surprise you."
-- Professor T.D. Wilson, Information Research, January 2006

"The book, Ambient Findability, is two things. It's an introduction to the ideas of finding and using information for those who have not pondered it before. It is also a tidy update and exploration into the future for those who've dipped their toes in the past. The broad range of topics (I suspect one chapter or another will be review for nearly anyone interested in the topic), the readable style, and connections to real life make the book a surprisingly amusing jaunt into a topic that few outside the information architect community ponder."
--Adena Schutzberg, Directions Magazine, January 2006

“A lively, enjoyable and informative tour of a topic that’s only going to become more important.”
--David Weinberger, Author, Small Pieces Loosely Joined and The Cluetrain Manifesto, August 2005

"I envy the young scholar who finds this inventive book, by whatever strange means are necessary. The future isn't just unwritten--it's unsearched."
--Bruce Sterling, Writer, Futurist, and Co-Founder, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, August 2005

“Search engine marketing is the hottest thing in Internet business, and deservedly so. Ambient Findability puts SEM into a broader context and provides deeper insights into human behavior. This book will help you grow your online business in a world where being found is not at all certain.”
--Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., Author, Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity, August 2005

“Information that’s hard to find will remain information that’s hardly found--from one of the fathers of the discipline of information architecture, and one of its most experienced practitioners, come penetrating observations on why findability is elusive and how the act of seeking changes us.”
--Steve Papa, Founder and Chairman, Endeca, August 2005

“Whether it’s a fact or a figure, a person or a place, Peter Morville knows how to make it findable. Morville explores the possibilities of a world where everything can always be found--and the challenges in getting there--in this wide-ranging, thought-provoking book.”
--Jesse James Garrett, Author, The Elements of User Experience, August 2005

“It is easy to assume that current searching of the World Wide Web is the last word in finding and using information. Peter Morville shows us that search engines are just the beginning. Skillfully weaving together information science research with his own extensive experience, he develops for the reader a feeling for the near future when information is truly findable all around us. There are immense implications, and Morville’s lively and humorous writing brings them home.”
Marcia J. Bates, Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles, August 2005

“I’ve always known that Peter Morville was smart. After reading Ambient Findability, I now know he’s (as we say in Boston) wicked smart. This is a timely book that will have lasting effects on how we create our future.”
--Jared Spool, Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering, August 2005

“In Ambient Findability, Peter Morville has put his mind and keyboard on the pulse of the electronic noosphere. With tangible examples and lively writing, he lays out the challenges and wonders of finding our way in cyberspace, and explains the mutually dependent evolution of our changing world and selves. This is a must read for everyone and a practical guide for designers.”
--Gary Marchionini, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, August 2005

“Find this book! Anyone interested in making information easier to find, or understanding how finding and being found is changing, will find this thoroughly researched, engagingly written, literate, insightful and very, very cool book well worth their time. Myriad examples from rich and varied domains and a valuable idea on nearly every page. Fun to read, too!”
--Joseph Janes, Ph.D., Founder, Internet Public Library, August 2005

"...Ambient Findability is a must read to learn how our world is changing and how we must ourselves change along with it."
--Bob Doyle, EContent