Media praise for Excel 2003 Programming: A Developer's Notebook

"Developers who want to keep everything within the Microsoft system, or who are required to do so, should find this Developer's Notebook invaluable...The presentation of this title has been exceptionally well executed; information is well laid out, si concise without being too terse, and comes straight to the point. There is a minimum of discussion--the focus is on how things are done--and plenty of code. The change to XML has taken Excel to a new, web-oriented level and the author shows how developers can exploit that connection."
--Major Keary, Book News, 2005:1

"Strengths: An O'Reilly book. A Developer's Book. A Problem-Solving Book.
Weaknesses: None Found.
Excel 2003 Programming: A Developer's Notebook by Jeff Webb looks at Excel from the view of someone who appreciates teamwork and Visual Basic with an eye towards the future of XML. It is intended to be a problem-solving book for programmers...If you need to code in Excel or make it jump through hoops, this is a great place to learn -- in the O'Reilly Developer's Notebook Laboratory Environment."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, January 2005 (3:1)

"This isn't a 'start to finish' text, it's a 'how to' book written by an author who really knows 'how to'... Jeff Webb's new book delivers exactly what it promises at an attractive price with no frills. Web page support is up to O'Reilly's excellent standards too! It may not be what everyone is looking for, but if you want a really forward-looking and compact read into the future of programming with Microsoft technologies--Buy this book! "
--Dan Mabbutt,, Visual Basic, July 2005