Media praise for CSS Pocket Reference

"The CSS Pocket Reference is a thin book that provides concise summary of each CSS property. CSS experts will probably use this book every day to look up quick information such as a value for a particular property. It's very focused-it lacks in-depth descriptions, information about browswer compatibility, and visual examples. However, that's what keeps it so small and makes it so easy to use. This book, combined with a few Web sites...constitute a complete reference for an expert CSS developer. "
-- Scott DeLoach, Technical Communication

"...these pocket reference books from O'Reilly are great. They aren't for learning, rather they are what they say they are: a pocket reference. (Nice to see some truth in advertising for a change.) If you buy this book you will use it. A lot. Period."
-- Larry Hannay,

"[Consumers] will find the fine 'pocket references' produced by O'Reilly to be compact and affordable."
-- James Cox, The Computer Shelf: Midwest Book Review