Media praise for Mind Hacks

"Mind Hacks is far from being a book filled with medical mumbo-jumbo and technical wizardry. Instead, Mind Hacks takes the time to explain to the reader just how the mind perceives certain tricks to be reality, and why the mind does so. Each hack in the book is actually some sort of a trick or illusion that the reader can perform to better understand how the brain works. At the end of each hack is a section highlighting how the illusion works and why... Mind Hacks is an interesting book to have for those who are interested in how the brain perceives everything around us...a great book for a novice to explore the world of cognitive neuroscience."
--Brian Boudreau, MELUG-Central (MainE Linux Users Group), July 2005

"In the foreword, neuroscientist Steven Johnson notes that computer folks use the work 'hack' to mean 'something we do to an existing tool that gives it some new aptitude that was not part of its original feature set.' He goes on to say that that sense of the word is not useful here. Rather, what we have here is a collection of tricks of the mind... There are 100 hacks in all in the book. That’s 25 cents a hack. So, hack away and learn something about the human CPU (not an apt metaphor, we are told, for the human mind). Read more to find out why."
--Rick Fischer, The Bridge, Memphis PC User Group, May 2005

"[Mind Hacks] makes a wonderful annotated bibliography, with a light touch of hackish humour that inspires further reading."
--Mike Holderness, New Scientist, February 2005

"Welcome to a book that deals with both the conscious, the unconscious, and a twenty-first-century look at cognitive neuroscience and hidden logic of the human mind."
--Robert Pritchett, Mac Companion, February 2005

"You may never have a better chance to learn about how your brain works...Mind Hacks is one book that will make learning about your brain entertaining and fascinating. Try it; I think you'll like it. Recommended", February 2005

"Mind Hacks is a rewarding mind trip, one that stretches the boundaries of what we know about how the brain works and playfully presents that information in an engaging, thought-provoking way."
--Bill Wallo,, January 2005

"If you've always wanted to get closer to your cerebellum but never plucked up the courage to take that DIY neurosurgery course, this is the book for you."
--The Guardian, January 2005

"Mind Hacks is a great read - I spent a whole afternoon looking through at the various hacks and realizing things I have never before thought of. The best part is that you aren't stuck reading in order - you can skip around and find the hacks that most interest you. And, references to other hacks (Printed Hyperlinks?) are abundant. So, if you're interested in learning a bit more about how our brains work, this book is highly recommended.", January 2005

"Mucking about in the wetware is a great way to spend those long gray winter months...[W]ith the authors' collection of tricks and tips for defragging, rebooting and fine-tuning your mind, and you'll be in fine shape come summertime. You may still look like crap in a bathing suit, but you'll be smarter than ever and fully in control of your own user interface."
--Michelle Delio, Wired News, December 2004