Media praise for Time Management for System Administrators

"I kid you not, I have been more productive in the past two days, than in the past two weeks...If you’re not in the trenches with SA work, you may not get his perspective. But, if you’re like me - this perspective is VITAL - because it makes things relevant to my lifestyle and identifies other things - which work for other people - that may fail for me. I loved this book, and am obnoxiously promoting it to anyone who has the misfortune of being cornered by me."
-- Mike O’Brien, Mike's Web Log

"I know you're thinking 'Time Management? Could there be a duller book?' Tom's writing style is casual and entertaining, which results in a fun book you'll enjoy reading. Furthermore, his anecdotes and personal insights identify him as a fellow geek. As a result, his time-management strategies and techniques have real credibility...This book is a godsend and should be required reading for anyone in a systems administration role. Even if you don't become a convert to The Cycle, there is at least one tip or technique that will work for you. Really. Buy this book."
-- Matthew Cheek,

"Tom takes the common sense notion, articulates it, and that (may) result in me expanding my use of routines. So I have to bow before his superior common sense! ...a lot of what he does helps you get your brain around what remains. I found this very powerful and satisfying. I found payoffs on day one - better focus, less stress, more productivity. It's the difference between swimming and floundering."
-- James E. Affeld,

"I used to be a very cranky, sleep deprived System Admin, and I really could have used the guidance in Thomas Limoncelli's book. The book is excellent for System Admins, for whom it is written, but I would also recommend it for many of our Life Balance customers, and for anyone who lives and breathes their work, particularly if you need to manage long term projects while fielding many daily interruptions. Many of the issues will feel familiar even if you aren't a Sys Admin. It will also give you insight into the pressures on the Sys Admins who support your organization's success, and why they often seem to be so cranky."
-- Catherine White, Llamagraphics News

"This is an excellent book on time management that should be applicable for anyone, not just systems administrators. It's short, well written and to the point. And it provides useful techniques to maintain a work/life balance that will keep you from going to the nuthouse from today's neverending jobs."
-- Jack D. Herrington "engineer and author", az eyes

"All of his tips are useful. I did not find myself disagreeing with any tips — they either fell into the category of “I’m already doing it,” “I should do it now,” and “I’m not ready to do that now, but I will do it in the future.” This is a book I would read once or twice a year and keep refining my techniques based on it. I intend to give this book to anyone who works in this type of environment — sysadmins I know, in particular, but DBAs as well. "
-- Sheeri Kritzer,

"It totally re-programmed my daily task mgmt behavior and I like it still."
-- Mike Brown, BrownStudiesBlog

"I'll be the first to admit that I've never bought into the "Improve your life"-type of book, but this one is sufficiently different to most and, importantly, sufficiently specific to my personal circumstances for it to be wholly applicable."
-- Dave, Sungate

"From handling interruptions and keeping a calendar to developing routines for frequent issues, Time Management for System Administrators should reach the entire computer industry with solutions applicable to a range of issues."
-- Diane Donovan, Library Bookwatch

"In this delightfully readable book spread across thirteen chapters and a thoughtfully worded epilogue, Thomas Limoncelli has given a judicious mix of professional and fatherly advice to all the upcoming as well as the established professionals in the area of system administration. With a highly technical readership as its target, namely the much overworked and over-stressed system administrator (hereinafter referred to as SA ) in our IT setups, the book broadly succeeds in justifying the preface of the book."
-- Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay,

"This book is worth your dollars and your time. Even if you are skeptical of his system, the book is worth a read for ideas and insight. It should be given to every new sysadmin when hired, and anyone who manages sysadmins. I plan on recommending it to my boss and colleagues."
-- Martin Gehrke, SNAPGH

"This slim book (only 226pp) packs a large amount of helpful information about making better use of your time at work, so that you can make some headway on at least some of those tasks that have piled up around you, while still managing to have a life outside of work… this is a great book for sysadmins that are looking to begin addressing time management problems…I suspect that any working sysadmin will take away at least two or three productivity-enhancing tips from this book."
--John S. Jacobs Anderson,, February 2006

"I kid you not, I have been more productive in the past two days, than in the past two weeks."
--Mike O’Brien, Mike's Web Log