Media praise for Snort Cookbook

"This is the best snort book ever. It’s a task-based book that leads you step by step through installing and optimizing snort, configuring logging and alerts, building rules, managing snort sensors, analyzing logs, and tons more. Bottom line: if you don’t know what snort is, don’t buy this book!"
--Mitch Tulloch,, July 2005

"As someone who does run snort and has been working on ways to expand some of the data I get to it, it has proven to be a valuable resource which far outweighs the few things I found lacking. It is the only resource of its kind I know to exist. It brings to light some tools which I haven't thought of using the way it suggests, like perfmonitor and clamav. I came away from reading this book with solid ideas and tools which I plan to add into snort. If you are looking for solid documentation on Snort and the tools and tricks you can use with it, this is your book."
--John C. A. Bambanek, Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek and, June 2005

"A whole barnyard of solutions have been gathered together in one place for easier management of networks for security gurus... What I liked most about this book is that there is a whole section just for me on installing Snort in Mac OS X (HenWen even has been updated to work with Mac OS X Tiger) and another administering Snort with HenWen.  The meat of the book is really the section on Rules and Signatures, but there are links everywhere for getting deeper into and wallowing around in the Pigsty-like environment we all know as network security. This book shows that virtual pigs can fly (if the pig is named Snort)."
--Robert Pritchett,, June 2005