Media praise for Practical Development Environments

"Most books that I review will eventually find their way to more appropriate homes. A few I keep a good tight grasp on. This is one of those’s exactly what I need to help me get to the point where I understand development environments as well as I do the system administration environments I’ve built from the ground up."
-- Elizabeth Zwicky, ;login:

"...the book takes a much broader definition of development environment, and encompasses build management, software configuration management (SCM), unit test environments, documentation, bug tracking and release management...As with introducing a new development process, building a development environment of the type outlined in this book is a political as well as technical process. All developers have a personal toolbox of utilities that they know how to use, so replacing these personal favourites with project-wide tools can be a tricky process that can easily be derailed. Devoting a chapter to this is a good idea and underlines the fact that the discussion throughout the book is focused on project practicalities rather than on theoretical issues."
-- Pan Pantziarka,