Media praise for Python Cookbook

"Lots of tasty recipes in Python. If you're just getting started learning Python, some of the examples will be quite puzzling, but unlike Java books where a lot of the sample code is almost like Graffiti foisted on unsuspecting students by programmers who should know better, the examples in this book are so elegantly crafted that getting familiar with them will only help. It's an added bonus that a lot of them are actually practical and quite reusable."
-- Peter Knaggs, Peninsula Linux Users Group (PenLUG)

"For the beginning Python programmer this is an excellent book to help step up a level. For the intermediate programmer the scope of topic areas provides a fast introduction to new areas. Truth be told, this is a book we can recommend to Python programmers at every level. An essential buy.", June 2005

"In cooking, the beauty of a recipe is you get to spice up the dish however you like it or modify it to use whatever ingredients you happen to have on hand. The procedure is exactly the same with the recipes in the Python Cookbook: the user is not only encouraged but expected to modify the solution to fit his or her own needs. These solutions are meant not as complete answers, but departure points or templates for your own use.
So although Python doesn't actually taste like chicken, this cookbook contains some truly delicious - maybe you should read that as 'very useful' - recipes for anyone who regularly works with this language. If yours is a Python shop, you need this one on the shelf somewhere!"
scm rak,, May 2005