Media praise for Visual C# 2005: A Developer's Notebook

"Writing a technology book that tries to cover a wide variety of topics can easily become a book not specific enough for anyone, but this book really cuts to the meat of what you need to know to hit the ground running on the new Framework…If you are looking for a quick way to figure out all the new stuff coming in the C# language, this book is jam-packed with useful tips and the type of real information that will help you become productive on the new framework."
--Curtis Swartzentruber, Blogcritics, September 2005

"This is the first of the 'Developer’s Notebook' series that I have read, and I must say that if this book is any indication of the series, they are excellent... There are a lot of new features in the new version of C#, and unless you’ve been reading every MSDN article for the last year, chances are there are a lot of new features you won’t know how to use... Not only does this book cover all these topics, but it covers them in a way that is easy to follow. The author also does a good job making the topic seem relevant and useful to whatever you might be doing in your work... I found this book to be very thorough, fun to read, and exactly what a developer wanting to learn C# 2005 would want to read."
--Mike George "ueberhund", review, July 2005

"I could not have been more pleased in my selection of a text to provide me with an overview of the new C# 2.0 features.  This book has proved to be the perfect companion to accompany me in my exploration of C# on the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 release."
--Blair Kennedy, review, June 2005