Media praise for Open Sources 2.0

"A collection of articles (perhaps 'essays' is a better term) is quite a different animal than a book authored by a single writer. Having multiple points of view rather than a single opinion should stimulate discussion, and from this perspective Open Source 2.0 is an unqualified success. But the elements that these essays have in common are equally revealing and thought provoking. A number of authors comment on the necessity of the Internet--itself a product of open source—for the success of open source. The internet 'enables the open source development model to work'. We also see an emphasis on the process rather than the fact of open source. This certainly got me to thinking back to some ill-remembered concepts from undergraduate years, namely the 'global village' and the medium as the message/massage"
--Peter Lavin, Unix Review, January 2006

"Open Source Software (OSS) has radically redefined the landscape of the software industry and the Information Technology field. As much a mindset as a methodology, there are many elements of OSS that draw some of the deepest thinkers of our field. You can find some of those essays in the book Open Sources 2.0 - The Continuing Evolution, edited by Chris DiBona, Danese Cooper, and Mark Stone. There's a little something here for everyone... If you're part of the OSS movement, or if you're trying to understand how it will affect your business, this is a good book to read and ponder..."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings, December 2005