Media praise for Designing Interfaces

"This is technical communication at its best: a great concept brilliantly executed. "
-- Major Keary, Book News

"Tidwell is right on the money when it comes to offering a broad range of options to address just about any interface design need you may run into. Her experience working with Matlab's Mathworks didn't limit her to offering advice for client software interface design. Tidwell goes well beyond it, delving into web design and mobile interface waters, which she swims with equal comfort and efficiency...All in all, this becomes a must reference for anyone needing to learn or polish skills in software interface design for any medium."
-- Manny Hernandez, Ask Manny: A Bilingual Blog

"This is one of those books that you'll read once and then start making post-it note bookmarks in certain areas...What you end up with is a rich volume of design techniques that can make the difference between a "wow" application and shelfware. This book will carve out a space within arm's reach on my work bookshelf. Periodic review of the contents will go far in making me a better designer in my development activities."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"I was enthusiastic about the idea of a book that would either improve my ability or at least allow me to take a reasonably interested programmer on a team and get them to my level of semi-competence. Happily, I believe this book meets both goals."
-- Elizabeth Zwicky, ;login:

"The book's good points are the brief but good content of the chapter overviews, the how sections of each pattern, and the illustrations...One of the major benefits of the Design Patterns book was that it provided a common vocabulary with which to discuss and communicate software designs. It will be interesting to see if this book has the same effect on interaction and interface design."
-- John Wetherbie, JavaRanch

"This book is a must buy for any FLEX coder out there and especially for any one who considers themselves a software designer to at least read. It covers a lot of things that are unsaid in the industry or unless you have the luxury of studying human behavioral science or a subject along those lines."
-- Scott Barnes,

"This is a great reference, and - yes - a lazy Sunday afternoon read. You should be a design professional and have experience under your belt such as nav bars, dialogue boxes and what a drop down is, and what it is used for effectively. This book does not tell or show you how to get that golden interface (nor should it). Designing Interfaces explains some of the key things that you should know inherently (if not, then know it after you have read it) and helps strengthen your cerebral toolbox and amaze yourself."
-- Todd Yeadon, Halifax Creative User Group

"The main strength of her approach is that she is very thorough. Her examples include different types of software and hardware...It's a handsome, well-designed book - as befits its subject..."
-- Roy Johnson, MANTEX Information Design

"Here are tips on everything from navigation and forms to using graphic editors and structuring for actions. Color screen shots, graphs, and tables pack pages which demonstrate the how, when, and why of interface design."
-- Diane Donovan, Library Bookwatch: Midwest Book Review

"The book is entirely on the subject of software interfaces for the user. As such, it addresses some of the most frustrating problems a user faces - poor design, unclear layout, lack of intuitiveness, and sometimes just a bother to use...As a user frustrated with many software packages and poorly designed interfaces, Designing Interfaces should be read by everyone working with trying to create a user-friendly product."
-- Harold McFarland, Harold's Bookshelf

"Tidwell's book is intended for readers with some experience in interface design, and familiarity with toolkits and control sets. Readers who would benefit from it include those working on desktop applications, rich internet applications, and highly interactive websites. With Designing Interfaces, Tidwell succeeded in taking what could have been a long, dry list of cures to user interaction woes, and turning out an attractive catalog of UI improvement techniques. Two additional benefits to readers: checking out some of the examples firsthand, and compiling a wish list from the first-rate bibliography. A great read on patterns, and on interface design as a whole."
-- Chris Masotti, The Captial Letter, Sacramento Society for Technical Communication

"Patterns can help us be more efficient: know what to look for, understand relationships, know what to do. In Designing Interfaces, Jennifer Tidwell demonstrates how to make applications easy to use by designing them to be familiar. By knowing what users might expect from an application or interface, the designer can choose the appropriate idioms, controls, and patterns to produce a familiar look and feel, enabling users to apply their previous knowledge and experiences to an interface that is new and perhaps novel."
-- Roger Grice, Technical Communication

"This is one of those books that you'll read once and then start making post-it note bookmarks in certain areas."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings