Media praise for Home Networking Annoyances

"I have found the problems (or Annoyances, as the author labels them) and the solutions easy-to-read as they are written in plain English for most non-tech readers."
--Don Thompson, The Digital Viking, Twin Cities PC User Group, June 2005

"Kathy Ivens' Home Networking Annoyances covers all possible home networking problems, from hardware and wireless problems to fighting worms, hackers, and more. From problems in saving database files and communications to issues revolving around creating a mapped drive, Home Networking Annoyances is packed with common problems and solutions in a question/answer format lending to easy look-up."
--James Cox, Midwest Book Review, May 2005

"A topic as dry as setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting a home network needs a lively style to keep from sliding into tech manual territory, and author Kathy Ivens delivers the goods with Home Networking Annoyances...Covering everything from adding mailboxes, disabling the Windows XP firewall, configuring network adapters and routers, running cable between multiple floors of the house and configuring older computers to find a newer printer, Home Networking Annoyances covers it all."
--"HUB: Digital Living," April 2005

"For anyone at home who has to keep a network running smoothly, or who wants to expand, then this is certainly a good book to have around. Recommended.", March 2005

"For those of us who leave the help-desk access at the office, and no longer have a teenager at home, Kathy Ivens' book is a godsend. The information is divided in a sensible manner..If you have more than one computer at home, you can use them more effectively in a home network, and you will need this book—either that, or an IT tech living in the basement.", February 2005