Media praise for Security and Usability

"The discussions presented in this book need to be discussed, even debated, if advances in the field are going to occur. And this debate should not be limited to the IT security community. This is because security is everyone's responsibility...I consider this book to be a "must read" for the information security, application development, system administration, and IT audit communities. "
-- Christopher Byrne, The Business Controls Caddy

"The six major parts of the book all have their enlightening moments, whether discussing authentication mechanisms or privacy and anonymity. Throughout, conventional wisdom is challenged in refreshing ways...Security and Usability is highly readable, intelligible, and intelligent. IT professionals will find it to be a helpful resource and an effective reminder of how user impact needs to be factored into computer security decisions, procedures, and systems."
-- Mayer Nudell, CSC, Security Management

"Editors Lorrie Faith Cranor and Simson Garfinkel, have done an outstanding job of writing a practical book that will help you realize the need for increased security usability in your systems...This most excellent book discusses case studies of usable secure system design, along with the latest thinking about how to approach this problem. More importantly, the content of this book will give developers important insights that will lead to successful designs."
-- John Vacca, "Tech Write Independent Reviewer",

"…a great book to consider before you design your next project that includes authentication and handy to have around to pull out figures to support arguments like “No, I don’t think biometrics will solve that for you” and “Yes, I think we ought to run a nice, low-level format on that disk before we let it out of our hands.” "
-- Elizabeth Zwicky, ;login:

"...highly readable, intelligible, and intelligent."
--Mayer Nudell, CSC, Security Management