Media praise for Essential SNMP

"Essential SNMP gives you the system administrator's perspective on SNMP: what it is, and, more importantly, practical examples of how to integrate SNMP into the administrator's toolset. If you need to know about user activity, errant core files, misbehaving printers, SNMP will do all the heavy lifting for you. Essential SNMP gives you the power to harness SNMP without breaking into a sweat."
--Dr. Marshall T. Rose, former Network Management Area Director of the IETF

"Finally, a practical book on SNMP and network management that does not simply regurgitate the standards. Essential SNMP is a must-read for any network and system administrator or anyone who actually has to use SNMP to monitor and troubleshoot networks, systems, and applications. A copy of this book should be kept right alongside any NMS."
--Robert Krupczak, PhD, Founder, Empire Technologies, and Chief Scientist, the Krupczak Organization

"This is definitely the book I would most recommend to anyone using SNMP for network management. It truly covers the essentials--from concepts through tools, applications, examples, and extensibility to fit particular needs."
--Dr. Robert Minch, Professor, Boise State University