Media praise for Commercial Photoshop Retouching: In the Studio

"Whether you're a seasoned Photoshop pro or a casual user attempting to revitalize the family photo album (or somewhere in between), this book will be an invaluable resource...If you need to know how to prepare artwork for a printer, retouch photos like a pro, or create photo-illustrations for the commercial marketplace, you can't do better than Glenn Honiball's book."
-- Bruce Frank,

"Though I found most of the techniques and samples presented very practical, the real power is the underlying ability the reader picks up along the way. I particularly enjoyed the coverage on shadowing, including both the theory and application for different perspectives. A few of the pre-press techniques would be used by a fairly limited audience, but again this title brings to light some advanced and practical tools for business professionals. If I were to summarize what you pick up from this title, it would be how to take original photos, then enhance and combine them into a stunning production. I highly recommend adding this book to your library if you fall in the intended audience. Though not a reference book you would pull out for how to use specific tools, this is a title I plan to re-read once a year or so as a great reminder on some great techniques."
-- Jeremy Hall,

"Regardless of whether you are a production artist facing unrealistically tight deadlines or a studio photographer trying to get the right look, or even a student of photography with intermediate skills with Photoshop, Commercial Photoshop Retouching: In The Studio will give you the fundamentals you will need for success."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine

The current edition of the Imaging Resource Digital Photography Newsletter features a great review of Commercial Photoshop Retouching.

"In fact, Glenn's 20 years in professional retouching inform every page with a perspective your ordinary Photoshop tome just doesn't have. The aspiring pro will learn how to set up a studio, deal with clients, read spec sheets and deal with a fan-splattered wall of jobs. The amateur will learn how to make realistic changes to their images, whether it's adding blush to a cheek or compositing two images. In both cases, the real thrill is seeing a pro at work."

"...the image problems he solves as he deals with the major issues in retouching beset us all. His solutions are speedy, sound (did we say realistic) and forgiving (hey, you can do them with a mouse). Spend a few hours with this book and your friends will wonder where you learned to make such realistic edits to your images. If they can even tell you made them!"

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