Media praise for Excel 2003 Personal Trainer

"This new series from O’Reilly should appeal to corporate trainers who want a standardized training module to build employee skills around software that has become essential to the modern organization... You don't have to be a corporate trainer to see the advantage of using this integrated way to learn. Because the Personal Trainer is on my drive, I can easily come back and review any lessons I choose."
--Rick Fischer, The Bridge, Memphis PC User Group, May 2005

"...a most impressive self-teaching resource; a companion CD is the most practical multimedia training aid I have come across. It really works. If you want to learn Excel, or improve your skills in foundamental operations, this is a great place to start."
--Major Keary, Book News, 2005:1

"Just as a personal trainer keeps you on track in the gym, this guide will help you increase your Excel fitness, step by step, with lots of reps—and no strained brain muscles.", January 2005