Media praise for Digital Audio Essentials

"If you want to know how to work with older media and convert it into the digital age on whatever platform you desire, these guys have it down pat. Believe me, you won’t feel left out as they discuss the pros and cons regarding iTunes, Media Jukebox, Musicmatch and other software applications,  or even adding a hard drive (other than an iPod) to your mode of transportation. I give these two authors a high 5 for showing us how to ride the audio waves from the past into the future."
--Robert Pritchett,, June 2005

"Here is a book that covers virtually everything you want and/or need to know about audio on your computers. Whether it's saving songs from your own records, tapes, and/or CDs, to editing songs, creating brand new digital files, sharing audio files, or even the risks of downloading mp3 from the net, this book covers it. Bruce and Marty Fries who wrote the MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook back in 2001 have written another excellent book about the digital music revolution."
--Todd Hawley,, May 2005

Digital Audio Essentials is highly recommended for the novice to intermediate digital audio fan and just recommended to the more advanced user. It is, after all, only intended to be an essentials book and not an advanced treatise and it succeeds well at achieving that goal."
--Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review, July 2005

"All in all, I would say that Digital Audio Essentials is a good book for a targeted audience of computer savvy audio beginners, or those with a bit of experience who want to achieve better results. With hardware and software recommendations, some concise tutorials, and references to other resources, it should be a useful tool for those who want to make the most of the ever-expanding world of digital audio, but weren’t quite certain how to get started."
--Bill Wallo, Wallo World and, June 2005

"The authors furnish a good introduction to the main aspects of actively using digital audio. By this, I mean more than merely listening to it. The book is directed not to an audio professional, but to someone who comes at this as a layman. Hence the general discussion about sound waves and recording this in a digital manner. What you should appreciate is that once stored as digital data, a whole panoply of software techniques are available to be used on it. Your special effects, as it were."
--Wes Boudeville, review, May 2005

"There is a large amount of information being provided in this book about nearly all aspects of digital sound. The topics are covered generally and broadly, without great depth and are written to be easily understood by primarily digital sound novices. Consider the book a primer for listeners, creators, and users of digital sound."
--John Suda,, May 2005

"Whether it's the potential dangers of downloading mp3s from the net (eg copyright infringement, 'bogus files,' etc), the type of computer equipment you'll need to create your own audio files, where to find streaming music files or Internet radio, or even ways to take your digital music with you, this book contains information about it...This book contains a wealth of information and is a must for anyone interested in learning more about creating digital music files."
--Todd Hawley, Barnes &, May 2005