Media praise for Car PC Hacks

"...if Damien Stolarz, author of Car PC Hacks, is right, all of these
things -- and so much more -- are just the teensiet tip of the iceberg and
fully integrated wireless "carputing" is just around the corner for

"...and carputing is a thought that's ever occurred to you at all, then Car
PC Hacks
is the book for you. It's the very best of an incredibly small --
but growing -- field."

January Magazine

"If you are starting out on your first in car PC installation this is a must
have book, full of tips, tricks and techniques utilised in any in car PC
project. I found it invaluable when planning my first in car PC project,
which I am now installing, again with the help of this book."

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"Bottom line, this is a very good book if you're interested in tricking out your car with the latest in custom electronics. The first time you sit in the back seat and start playing the latest XBox game mounted in the headrest, you'll be hooked."

Duffbert's Random Musings

"…Companies have been trying to popularize car PCs for years, but the gadgets have never really taken off. That seems to be changing as hobbyists pour into the market. Two recent books are pulling in newcomers. One, Car PC Hacks, is by Damien Stolarz, who's been outfitting cars with computers since 1998…"

"…a number of factors seem to be coming together to give car PCs a boost. "One is that the computers are cheap enough now," author Stolarz says. "But, more importantly, the market is educated enough."

Kevin Maney
USA Today