Media praise for PC Annoyances

"...a must for any who wrestle with PC and Windows oddities and inconsistencies...PC Annoyances, 2nd Edition updates and adds important tips and insights to make your PC more user-friendly."
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch

"A great resource for anyone who mans a help desk or otherwise fields questions about PC/Windows problems. At the price it is good value for all levels of user; information is easy to find with a detailed table of contents and well crafted index. The informal style makes it a great browse, even when you are not being annoyed."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"Author Steve Bass hits the nail on the head again with this updated compendium of fixes and tips for PC users. Get this book, and get things to work your way."
--Ed Laskowski, The Vista PC Journal, June 2005

"Ever been tempted to toss your PC out the window? Steve Bass knows just how you feel—and what's more, he's got the solution for that annoying problem in the pages of his PC Annoyances Second Edition...This is another gold-medal entry for your home PC bookshelf."
--DrPat,, April 2005

"Steve Bass has been through the PC school of hard knocks and through his research, has found a therapeutic way in which to vent his frustrations by attacking pet peeves not only with fixes, but with humor... How high is your computer-based pain threshold? Don’t fall prey to Computer Rage. We hate seeing technology being maltreated just because it sends you to the psychiatrist.  There are an additional 120 new fixes to the WinTel pain game."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, July 2005

"Traversing PC Annoyances is a lot like flipping through a good magazine. As so much is covered, you’re bound to find something applicable to your PC experience...The breadth of information contained within the book is quite impressive, but what’s equally striking is the matter of fact, down to earth tone, Bass employs."
--Michael Benning,, May 2005

Praise for the previous edition:

"Annoyed with your PC? Fight back with this smart, funny, indispensable survival guide."
-Ed Bott, author, Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out and Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003

"PC Annoyances is packed with amazingly useful tips and tricks. Every flip through the book brings me to something useful that I'm glad to know and didn't before."
-Steve Gibson, security expert and author, ShieldsUP! and SpinRite

"Bass is the smartest and most entertaining technology writer covering personal computers today. This book is a guaranteed cure for whatever ails your PC, from the big errors that can bring a computer to its knees to the glitches that are more trivial but no less maddening."
-Kevin McKean, CEO and Editorial Director, InfoWorld magazine

"One of my current favorites....Bass delivers on the book's title by zeroing in on a handful of the most common and most aggravating problem areas in personal computing. Using clear language and everyday examples, Bass systematically tackles such knotty subjects ad e-mail, Windows, Web surfing, Windows Explorer, digital music and video, and more."
--John Moran, The Hartford Courant

"By concentrating on the annoyances-and the fixes-Steve Bass cleverly exposes the underlying richness of Windows and your everyday applications. Beyond boosting your own productivity and reducing your blood pressure, you'll be a hero to everyone around you!"
-Bill Machrone, Columnist and Contributing Editor, PC Magazine

"Steve Bass's nothing less than a goldmine. It's a lighthearted, easy read that is also jam-packed with serious tips and tricks...PC Annoyances won't be gathering any dust on my living room bookshelf; it already has a handy home--right next to my PC!"
-Linda Webb, Greater Cleveland PC Users Group

"Jammed into 200 pages are tips, tricks and tirades that cover everything from codecs to crashes, Acrobat Reader to Zone Alarm, with humor and the kind of advice that will keep you running to the keyboard to try out each new pointer."
--James Coates, Chicago Tribune

"One of the best darned all-around PC books I've seen in a long time."
--Linda Gonse, reader review

"...a must for any who wrestle with PC and Windows oddities and inconsistencies."
--Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch