Media praise for Linux Desktop Hacks

"...teaches semi-experienced Linux system users how to tweak and customize the system to boost performance and make the most of the console. From running applications at near local speed to viewing PDF documents in a console or automating your system with cron, Linux Desktop Hacks has all the special tools difficult to unearth from all the usual support material."
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch

"Linux Desktop Hacks: Tips & Tools for Customizing and Optimizing Your OS is one of the better choices among the books of this genre. Although I have worked with Linux for years there were still several tips in here that I did not know and found very useful... An excellent resource for those who have moved to Linux on the desktop, Linux Desktop Hacks is highly recommended."
--Harold McFarland, Readers Preference Reviews, June 2005

"If you use Linux as your desktop; read this book. It will help you make your desktop 'yours' and show you a lot of configuration files and website projects."
--Leam, Charlotte Linux User Group, (CharLUG), June 2005

"Linux used to be considered a dark science, but super-users Petreley and Bacon are convinced it is now a distinct rival to that operating system that hails from somewhere near Seattle. Their hacks use readily available tools and include fiddling with your console and login managers, and reworking the KDE desktop, GNOME, terminal empowerment, desktop programs, administration, and automation."
--SciTech Book News, June 2005

"If you've already been running Linux for a while and you're one of those power users who likes to get under the hood, Linux Desktop Hacks by Nicholas Petreley and Jono Bacon is right up your alley. This volume is filled to the brim with tips for tweaking your interface, speeding things up, and moving beyond your distro's package management system to get extremely cutting-edge."
--Matthew Newton,, May 2005

"The book is a handy guide to keep on a shelf for those problems that crop up at 2am that need immediate solutions. I feel this book is a worthwhile investment for a newbie to linux desktop environment."
--Jason Katz, Long Island Linux Users Group, May 2005

"...Linux Desktop Hacks has all the special tools difficult to unearth from all the usual support material."
--Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch