Media praise for Head First Java

"I’ve got to be honest– This is probably the easiest book review that I’ll write. The book is universally regarded when it comes to learning Java and getting past that SCJP (or SCJA) Exam. What’s not to like about it? A challenging topic like Java is broken down to little manageablke pieces of information with the occasional joke or two."
-- Regnard Kreisler C. Raquedan, Standard Web Standards

"As with any good teacher, this O’Reilly series attacks the material from a variety of angles. If you know it, or you’re a quick learner, you can breeze right through. If you’re like me, they try everything possible to make things comprehensible."
-- Dana Blankenhorn, Dana Blankenhorn & Paula Rooney,

"If you're a beginner Java programmer or have no programming experience at all, this is a very good book."
-- Mostafa Farghaly,

"There's something in Head First Java for everyone. Visual learners, kinesthetic learners, everyone can learn from this book. Visual aids make things easier to remember, and the book is written in a very accessible style—very different from most Java manuals…Head First Java is a valuable book. I can see the Head First books used in the classroom, whether in high schools or adult ed classes. And I will definitely be referring back to this book, and referring others to it as well."
--Warren Kelly,, March 2006

"Another nice thing about Head First Java, 2nd Edition is that it whets the appetite for more. With later coverage of more advanced topics such as Swing and RMI, you just can't wait to dive into those APIs and code that flawless, 100000-line program on that will bring you fame and venture-capital fortune. There's also a great deal of material, and even some best practices, on networking and threads—my own weak spot. In this case, I couldn't help but crack up a little when the authors use a 1950s telephone operator—yeah, you got it, that lady with a beehive hairdo that manually hooks in patch lines—as an analogy for TCP/IP ports... you really should go to the bookstore and thumb through Head First Java, 2nd Edition. Even if you already know Java, you may pick up a thing or two. And if not, just thumbing through the pages is a great deal of fun."
--Robert Eckstein,, April 2005

"Of course it's not the range of material that makes this book stand out, it's the style and approach. This book is about as far removed from a computer science textbook or technical manual as you can get. The use of cartoons, quizzes, fridge magnets (yep, fridge magnets …). And, in place of the usual kind of reader exercises, you are asked to pretend to be the compiler and compile the code, or perhaps to piece some code together by filling in the blanks or … you get the picture... The first edition of this book was one of our recommended titles for those new to Java and objects. This new edition doesn't disappoint and rightfully steps into the shoes of its predecessor. If you are one of those people who falls asleep with a traditional computer book then this one is likely to keep you awake and learning.", June 2005