Media praise for Access Hacks

"An essential recipe book for anyone who makes more than casual use of Access. Very well written, and even the expert-rated hacks are presented in a comprehensible form. Excel users should also get a lot out of the hacks."
-- Major Keary, Book Notes

"If you're an experienced Access user, there's no doubt you'll find something useful in this book. It's packed full of so many useful tips and techniques that there's guaranteed to be something you don't already know! ... This book is, hands down, one of my favorite books on Microsoft Access."
--Mike Chapple, Databases,, May 2005

"As a database analyst for a large company, I oftentimes am confronted with small scale problems in Access. As always, there are a dozen different ways to solve them. Since I'm not 50 years old chock full of years of experience, the hacks here have saved me plenty of times. Once you read through it, you'll know when to apply the hack to a real world problem at work."
--J Nagy, review, May 2005

"Mr. Bluttman has good insight to what makes database development more productive. Many of the hacks in this book are immediately useful in the business world like using a Confidential watermark, or having a way to randomly sort records, or even how to creatively sort the data in the lists. Don't miss the goodies either--putting web browsers on Access forms, and creating your own custom formatting. And much more. I highly recommend this book to Access users or developers at all levels."
--Andre De Vries, review, May 2005

"This is not a book for beginners. It presumes that you have and have used Access. To get full advantage of the book, you also need to have at least a little bit of experience with Visual Basic. It is also not a beginner's level introduction to SQL, the language of databases that Access speaks....Having said all this, the intermediate/advanced user will find this book to be absolutely filled with good information. "
--John Matlock, Books-On-Line, May 2005

"An essential recipe book for anyone who makes more than casual use of Access."
--Major Keary, Book Notes