Media praise for IPv6 Network Administration

"The authors show the history of networking from an IPv4 perspective and then walk us through scenarios of preprep, testing and than showing us how IPv6 runs in a production environment. They do this process by touching all platforms and showing in various tables how configurations are set for each of those platforms; I also enjoy the humour the authors use and it is obvious they know of what they speak, being so comfortable with de-geeking the jargon and knowing all the protocols so well."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, May 2005

"Murphy and Malone have produced a fine, compact book that discusses 'The Character of IPv6' (Part 1, 3 chapters, pp. 1-60) and 'Deploying IPv6' (Part II, 6 chapters, pp. 63-258). There is also an extremely useful glossary (pp. 259-264)... The authors have done a fine job of describing just what administrators will need to do to maintain IPv4 while easing into IPv6... I especially liked chapter 7 on 'Services' (pp. 197-220). Nice job."
--Peter Salus,, April 2005