Media praise for Baseball Hacks

" exceptional guide for finding, graphing, and analyzing the stats at the heart of the game...this book is fun, even for the casual fan (I am not a seamhead). Behind every hack one can clearly see Mr. Adler sharing the pleasure of discovery."
-- Marc Garrett,

"This is a book for the computer whiz/sports fan combination. For those who love new ideas, trigger points for testing a theory, angle, betting proposition, the book may unearth a treasure trove of potential material. I can't guarantee you a winning baseball season as a bettor, but this marvelous time-saving, love-of-the-game-through- numbers compendium should keep mind and fingers busy for countless, enjoyable hours."
-- Howard Schwartz, Casino City News

"While I'm not a diehard baseball fan, there is a certain appeal (or perhaps nostalgia) about "America's Pastime". And there isn't another sport around that takes their statistics as seriously as baseball does. Even I, a non-baseball fanatic, can appreciate the appeal of this book...Seriously, a very well-done book that will appeal to both the baseball fan interested in statistics, as well as the computer geek who loves his (or her!) baseball recordkeeping. "
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"I initially was a bit skeptical about the book when Joseph Adler proclaimed himself a New York Yankees fan, but it doesn't deter from the hacks. In fact, it's nice to see credit being given to other teams and players throughout the league. In general I'm also impressed with the use of R, and how much how much is done with SQL in queries against MySQL. Adler's (and contributor's) query-writing is impressive, some pretty nasty stuff in these pages. I'm glad to have this on my shelf and will no doubt draw on it many times over the years as I attempt to figure out what's going on. It seems like every game the announcers say something, or something happens on the field that I wonder about and Baseball Hacks comes in handy in making sense of it all."
-- Mike Kruckenberg,

"Are you a baseball aficionado or fanatic who is interested in statistics and want to know how to load this data into a database for analysis? If you are, then this book is for you! Author Joseph Adler has done an outstanding job of writing a book about how to watch, research, and understand baseball...This most excellent book is an instruction manual for the free baseball databases. More importantly, this book is a cookbook for baseball research."
-- John Vacca,

"...along with the smell of spring in the air and the crack of bats hitting balls, is Baseball Hacks by Joseph Adler, which helps even losers like me aim high as we usher in another season of fantasy baseball."
-- Mike Berman,

"From fantasy baseball leaguers to numbers crunchers, there's much in Baseball Hacks to appeal to any geek. Whether you're seeking an inside edge for your rotisserie team or simply love America's national pastime, you're sure to discover a new numerical perspective of the game if you spend any time with Adler's book."
--Erik Eckel,, March 2006

"… a brisk and illuminating tutorial in how to load those public databases onto your own computer's database, and then how to access them for statistical analysis."
--Joshua Scharf,, March 2006

"Baseball Hacks is the ultimate book for the database/baseball nerd in all of us. If you are looking for a way to merge your profession with a hobby, look no further than picking up a copy of Baseball Hacks."
--Craig S. Mullins,, February 2006

"The game was born in the 19th century, but the passion for its analysis continues to grow into the 21st. In Baseball Hacks, Joe Adler not only demonstrates that the latest data-mining technologies have useful application to the study of baseball statistics, he also teaches the reader how to do the analyses himself, arming the dedicated baseball fan with tools to take his understanding of the game to a higher level."
--Mark E. Johnson, Ph.D., Founder, SportMetrika, Inc. and Baseball Analyst for the 2004 St. Louis Cardinals

"Baseball Hacks is the best book ever written for understanding and practicing baseball analytics. A must-read for baseball professionals and enthusiasts alike."
--Ari Kaplan, database consultant to the Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres, and Baltimore Orioles

" exceptional guide for finding, graphing, and analyzing the stats at the heart of the game."
--Marc Garrett,