Media praise for SQL Cookbook

"In this most excellent cookbook, you will find a collection of common SQL problems and their solutions that you'll find helpful in your day-to-day work. More importantly, this cookbook will help you take your SQL skills to the next level. "
-- John Vacca, "Tech Write Independent Reviewer",

"This is an excellent book; it does exactly what it sets out to do and fully equips you to handle the most sophisticated database transactions."
-- Simon P. Chappell,

"It is an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn SQL and takes advantage of the power of SQL. If you are developing software or application to support multiple database platform, this is a must have reference. If you are familiar with one databse platform, such as Oracle, and now you are working on different database platform, such as MySql, it will help you to grasp it in no time."
-- New Lethbridge .NET User Group,

"This is a great book to have available at your fingertips. The table of contents is structured quite nicely and allows you to find what you need very quickly. The book covers a number of topics for solving everyday problems. It will also help you come up with ideas on how to go about handling particular queries by describing the problems and then listing possible solutions. And in these solutions you can find techniques on how to expand on them to resolve other issues."
-- Harold Buckner, Roanoke Valley SQL Server User Group (RVSSUG)

"SQL Cookbook uses a problem/solution format to allow for quick and easy referencing for troubleshooters, yet is basic enough for relative newcomers to learn from."
-- James Cox, Library Bookwatch

"O'Reilly's SQL Cookbook is the best reference I've seen for SQL developers and personally suggest all developers interested in SQL to must read it. Modeled after a true cookbook, it offers many short snippets of SQL code designed to solve specific problems. You can pick and choose the components you need to help complete your SQL project. Each item in the cookbook is clearly explained in a well defined format. High recommendation for SQL Dev's. A must read. "
-- Vikramaditya Jakkula "VJ",

"...this cookbook will help you take your SQL skills to the next level."
--John Vacca, "Tech Write Independent Reviewer",