Media praise for Monad (AKA PowerShell)

"Of course those who've been dissatisfied with cmd.exe and tortuous batch files have always had (and continue to have) the option of using Perl, Python and other languages to perform admin tasks on Windows systems. However, Monad represents a powerful new option. The clean syntax built on top of .NET makes this an exciting technology for Windows-based developers and administrators, and this book does a great job of introducing it."
-- Pan Pantziarka,

"If you're a semi-experienced Windows scripter looking to get ready for Monad, this is the book for you."
--Oliver Rist, SMB IT, February 2006

"The book is a really good introduction into the basics of Monad. It's short (around 150 pages), provides a great introduction to the language and to the MSH shell and is accurate wrt Beta 3 (it was written around B2, but so far I've not found anything in the book that does not work in B3). I found reading at the keyboard and trying out the code samples was a great way to learn more about Monad."
--Thomas Lee, Under the Stairs: Thomas Lee's Web Log, January 2006

"Monad is something of a pleasant surprise. It's powerful, flexible and easy to learn. And, for those eager to dive in and get started this little book from O'Reilly is an excellent tutorial and introduction."
--Pan Pantziarka,