Media praise for Unix in a Nutshell

"…buy this book because it is the quintessential Unix reference covering general Unix commands. The Unix Commands chapter alone is your value…Since the early 90s, this book has resided within my small Unix reference enclave. I think it belongs in yours."
-- Ed Schaefer,

"...defines what UNIX means in a changing world where there is no standard-bearer...UNIX operating system users simply must have this reference."
-- James Cox, California Bookwatch

"I tend to use this book and the earlier editions a fair amount; I know you can a lot of information through the man or apropos commands, or forums, or on-line pdfs, etc. etc. - but I prefer a book by my side, that holds the keys to the worlds knowledge. This is the 4th edition, and contains just about any command you might ever have to use."
-- Alan Sondheim, Cybermind