Media praise for DNS and BIND

"...this venerable bible of the DNS is now up to its 5th edition, which brings it into sync with Bind 9.3.2. Carefully written, loads of examples. It's a pity that I didn't have the 5th edition beside me when I was attempting this exercise, as Bind 9.3.2 redid its DNSSEC utilities, and the 4th edition of this book is, sadly, outdated in some critical details of DNSSEC utilities."
-- Geoff Huston, The ISP Column

"Excellent book, essential for the BIND administrator. This is a truly remarkable book. It has been revised and improved over its 14-year history, resulting in a vast and authoritative yet readable account of DNS and especially BIND."
-- Andrew Stribblehill, Durham University Computing Society

"...provides systems administrators with plenty of technical detail for mastering one of the basic building blocks of the net--the distributed host information database--which does everything from route mail to listing phone numbers. "
-- Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch

"I'm sure many of you will also have copies of this text as it is a classic and I wanted to let you know whether it's worth updating....if you have either the first or second edition of the book, and you are actively implementing or managing DNS configurations then I think it's worth investing in the new edition."
-- Mike Smith, The UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group

"I picked up my knowledge of DNS piecemeal, first as a user and then as a sysadmin running an inherited nameserver. And I learned most of what I know about nameserver maintenance the hard way — a process which would have been much less painful if I had had a copy of DNS and BIND to guide me...You may well be familiar with the basics already and you may not need the more esoteric information, but name service is sufficiently critical that getting the ordinary complexities right is essential. Albitz and Liu are excellent guides to both the main boulevards and the crooked side-alleys of the DNS."
-- Danny Yee,

"If you have anything to do with DNS - buy this book. You may not read this book cover to cover but you WILL reference it on a regular basis."
-- , Central Oregon Information Systems User Group

"Excellent book, essential for the BIND administrator. "
--Andrew Stribblehill, Durham University Computing Society