Media praise for C# Cookbook

"The Cookbook is about as close as any book to being a single source for C#. This is because it gives loads of practical examples (which are well written and not hacks), covers all the major areas and solves advanced problems. You need look no further to delve deeply into threading, generics, anonymous functions, collections and xml."
-- Mark A. Grant, Business Logic

"This isn’t a book for reading cover to cover, but there’s a lot to be learned browsing through the recipes, and you’re sure to get answers on a wide range of topics including solid use of generics, exception handling, I/O, web bits, and networking. The chapters on security and reflection are particularly useful because they offer up good insights on approaching secure coding correctly and good techniques for dealing with reflection."
-- Jim Holmes, FrazzledDad

"Like the other O'Reilly cookbooks, this book manages to strike a perfect balance between reference and instruction on real problems developers encounter every day. Hats off to Jay and Stephen for creating such a useful resource. If you are a developer who writes C# code for a living, I would be surprised if you do not find something useful the first time you pick this book up. If you are thinking of buying just one book on C# 2.0, make it this one. Highly recommended. The only problem I have now is that I need to go and buy my own copy as this one is now on its way to the User Group library. Of course, I could just borrow it, but I would really like to have a copy on hand all the time!"
-- Mitch Wheat, Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms!

"The C# Cookbook is excellent for someone who is new to C# and already familiar with the basics of the language syntax, but is unfamiliar with the capabilities of the .NET Framework. Intermediate level programmers will also find this book to be a useful reference providing insight into features they may have used before but didn't understand all the details behind…For someone looking for an easy-to-use desk reference, the C# Cookbook is highly recommended."
--Nick Schweitzer,, April 2006

"The Cookbook is about as close as any book to being a single source for C#. "
--Mark A. Grant, Business Logic