Media praise for eBay Hacks

"E-bay Hacks, 2nd Edition has been completely revised and updated with 30 brand-new hacks, plus tons of expanded, deepened, or otherwise completely rewritten hacks. Learn clever tricks and shortcuts, such as advanced searching techniques, sniping tools, selling strategies, photography tips, and even research techniques for PowerSellers. This bestseller supplies you with the tools you need to master eBay, whether as a buyer or seller, casual surfer or serious collector, novice or seasoned expert"
-- Gordon Haverland, The Edmonton Linux User Group (E.L.U.G.)

"David Karp's book should be required reading of anyone who uses eBay. It is well written and covers the nuts and bolts of being a successful bidder and seller on eBay."
-- Wayne Steen, Q-Bits (Quad-Cities Computer Society Newsletter)

"If you use eBay (as a buyer or seller), this is the "user's manual" that should be part of your signup... Regardless of whether you're a complete newbie to eBay or you actually run an eBay storefront, you'll find things in here that will save you time and money on a regular basis."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings, July 2005

"Overall, a good book for those who want to get more out of eBay than just the casual buyer/seller. If you want to kick-start your eBay selling career, this is one of the books you will want to have to help guide you..."
--Robert L. Stinnett, review, June 2005