Media praise for Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

"When you are ready to build your own linux kernel this is a great book to read! Greg achieves his goal of providing lots of kernel building information in one easily useable source. He explains without being wordy and lets you learn from his ample experience...If you are a kernel hacker the material is a bit light. However, if you have never built a kernel before you will save hours by this one read. I particularly like the reference style because I can study as much as my brain can absorb, make notes, and come back when I have a question."
-- Leam Hall,

"It's never going to be simple to reach into the deepest part of the computer's software and start fiddling with the knobs. And it's certainly not for everyone. But for students, the technically savvy, people who want to see what Richard Stallman is talking about when he says 'free as in free speech,' or just poseurs who want to beef up their cocktail party conversation, Kroah-Hartman's book is terrific."
-- Stephen Shankland, CNET