Media praise for Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two

"Bill von Hagen and Brian K. Jones have assembled a collection of tips that are just golden...You should buy this book to free up your nights and weekends. To free yourself from pain and worry. Okay, owning this book may not make the birds sing any sweeter, but it might keep you out of trouble long enough to hear them once in awhile. Seriously, applying the tips contained within this book will keep you more aware of the health and status of your systems, will allow you to be more connected with your systems, and will help you troubleshoot the systems if a problem should ever arise. If you don’t need help in any of these areas, you have my admiration."
-- Brian Turner, Free Software Magazine

"Hacks here only take a few minutes to read through but provide many answers to problems ranging from remotely running a GUI Linux desktop environment for end users to centralizing Windows font resources and combining network storage areas on new servers."
-- Diane Donovan, Library Bookwatch: Midwest Book Review

"...this is a great book for systems administrators and power users (for the latter audience, I also highly recommend Linux Desktop Hacks as a companion). The majority of the tips are clever and aimed at solving specific issues that are common to most environments. By focusing predominantly on the operating system and the features of it, the hacks are useful regardless of the number of machines you are running."
--Emmett Delaney,, March 2006

"You could do some really cool things with the information in this book."
--Brian Turner, Free Software Magazine