Media praise for MySQL Stored Procedure Programming

"...this book is the first one to offer database programmers a full discussion of the syntax, usage, and optimization of MySQL stored procedures, stored functions, and triggers—which the authors wisely refer to collectively as "stored programs," to simplify the manuscript...Overall, MySQL Stored Procedure Programming is adeptly written, neatly organized, and exhaustive in its coverage of the topics. It is and likely will remain the premier printed resource for Web and database developers who want to learn how to create and optimize stored procedures, functions, and triggers within MySQL. "
-- Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,

"Stored procedures are a major puzzle piece in allowing MySQL to be used in enterprise applications. In applications of such complexity, there are many advantages of putting logic back into the database. This books is THE book on MySQL 5 stored procedures."
-- Edward Tanguay, Edward Tanguay's Web Developer Site

"I didn't honestly believe a book could be written on this topic that wouldn't be too dry. But Guy and Steven show the depth of the subject and make the material available to readers. It was a wonderful read."
--Brian Aker, Director of Architecture, MySQL AB

"The authors have an excellent grasp of the subject matter. I found the material easy to read, with lots of code examples. MySQL users should find this book an excellent resource."
--Arjen Lentz, Community Relations Manager, MySQL AB

"Guy and Steven have provided MySQL devlopers with a gem. They not only cover the nuts and bolts of writing stored procedures in MySQL, but also provide sound advice on designing database applications in the real world. In addition, they write with a sense of humor that makes the book a joy to read."
--James Cooper, Technology Consultant, Seattle, WA

"My SQL 5.0 opens up a new world to MySQL users, and this book is a great tour guide."
--Andy Dustman, author of MySQL Python API

"...adeptly written, neatly organized, and exhaustive in its coverage of the topics."
--Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,